You send your employees to agile training courses, but their mindset is slow to get going?

Are you surprised that economic growth as a meaningful motive makes little sense for your employees?

You have invested a lot of money in the development of a corporate vision that is now languishing in the drawer of your desk?

Do you focus on fulfilling customer needs, but somehow can’t shake the feeling that they are changing faster than you can tell?

You ask your applicants why they want to work for you and are surprised by the answer "You should tell me ...”?

Our ideas have wings.
But we also make them land.

Get theCOR for your business

Discover your Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP)

Many companies are still leisurely ticking along at the pace of the 20th century and continue to use outdated strategies. Problem: the future can no longer be predicted with data from the past. By the way, 100 years of development in the 20th century is the equivalent of 20,000 years of the development in the 21st century. If you still want to have answers to your customers' needs tomorrow, you should change mentally and operationally – from a linear to an exponentially thinking and acting organization. 

The good news is that we can help you with this. Together with you, we will develop the most important factor for your entrepreneurial future: your corporate purpose, based on a "purpose" that makes sense and goes beyond your learned core business. With a "Massive Transformative Purpose" (MTP) you will open up future business areas that fit the DNA of your company and at the same time do justice to the exponential developments of our time.

What we believe

WEcomomy instead of MEconomy

Climate change and resource scarcity have become the greatest challenges facing humanity. Consequently, the solution to the question of a meaningful corporate purpose should be much more than just a growth-driven economy. We need to rethink. Profit maximization can no longer be the sole driver of our economy, instead the people and the environment must become the main drivers of the economy. The b4p Trends study (09/2019) confirms: 77% of those surveyed said that they would rather prefer a brand that represents a responsible social attitude. For companies, this raises questions such as: what is my corporate contribution to an economy that is still compatible with our natural resources? What are alternative business areas that can enable my company to increasingly decouple growth from resource consumption? And what actually makes the people in my company happy? These are questions that we will get to the bottom of together with you and take the future of your company to a new, non-profit level.

How we work

Business-to-Business, but also Human-to-Human.

We are creative people, consultants, business Taoists and philanthropists. We are doers, thinkers, and drivers. We work business-to-business, but above all human-to-human; because solutions and concepts are only successful if they fit your company and the people who are willing to work hard for its success. In short, we are implementation specialists who have a landing gear for every theory, no matter how high-flying. With heart and soul. Perseverance. Empathy. Imagination, but also, with a sense of reality for costs and resources, and most importantly, we want to create meaning. For you. For your employees. And therefore, for us as well.

Our services:

  • Development of your Massive Transformative Purpose
  • Development of strategies
  • Strategy translation in texts, images and concepts that move
  • Project Journey Development
  • Implementation of change processes
  • Coaching & Training of executives and teams

Our main focus

MTP Development

Strategy development &


Concept & Design

Coaching & Seminars