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Sabrina Wolfrum

Business Taoist

"In Taoism is said that man’s path to happiness is fitting into the cosmic events and seeing himself as part of a whole. In a growth-driven, anthropocentric economy, we are unfortunately still far from this. We continue to see ourselves separated from the "rest" of the earth. It is high time to rethink. This is because nature is not negotiable. That is why we are committed to an economy in harmony with the earth. With our MTP approach we place your entrepreneurial activities in the overall context of the big picture. For WEconomy, instead of Economy. Sure, that is quite ambitious, but our society is running late.”


Project Management Professional (PMP)®, Change Management Consultant (Univ.), Professional Scrum MasterTM (PSM), Business Facilitator, Business Coach (IHK), Design Thinker, Online-Trainer

What else fulfils me professionally: www.sabrinawolfrum.de

Jan Martens

Business Philanthropist

"Every human being has a right to be fulfilled. To a job that means not only financial but also personal growth. Companies in which every employee is able to take effective action are ahead of the game. Beyond the expectations or fears of others, self-efficacy enables a focus on the here and now – the only place where the whole life and creativity can unfold. People no longer want to only play a role in professional life. To use a phrase from Buddha's teaching: "It would be sad if the wave did not know that it is water."


Communication scientist (M.A.), Creative Director & Writer, Strategist, Business Coach & Trainer (dvct certified), Moderator, Design Thinking Consultant, Team Leadership Partner®, Creative Leadership Consultant (M.A.)

What else fulfils me professionally: www.younique-branding.de

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