Acting instead of reacting

Get the big picture for your company

Like a North Star, your Massive Transformative Purpose gives you orientation in a world of uncertainty, complexity, and speed. We support you in developing a superior corporate strategy that gives your employees a meaningful reason for their professional actions. A message that inspires, motivates, transforms, has credibility, and at the same time delivers what we call "the big picture": a corporate goal that has the power to shape the future in your interest; because your employees also want to be sure that they are working in a company that has the exponential and climatic developments of our time on its radar. Let's discover theCOR for your business – discover your Massive Transformative Purpose.

Project Journey Development

Project and Strategy Management

Co-designers instead of employees.

The exponential developments of our time mean a rapid increase in projects and strategic measures for companies, which have to be implemented in an even shorter time. Tasks and projects which fail far too often. Inadequate communication, unclear roles, a lack of motivation, an unclear distribution of decision-making powers, organizational inertia or an overly complex task are just a few of the stumbling blocks. We help you to get your projects and strategies on the road. With target-oriented coaching and pragmatic interventions, we enable your employees to find their own solutions and make them co-designers of your entrepreneurial future.

Project Journey Development

Narrative as motive.

Stories make abstract things tangible and constitute a common, living reality. This also applies in the professional context. For example, anyone who sees themself as part of a mountain expedition has a different attitude than the project manager who has to meet his quarterly figures. We will show you how you can derive such narratives for your daily work from your Massive Transformative Purpose. Meaningful narrative structures that create not only an information level, but also a resonance space in which motivation, imagination, creativity, courage and inspiration are generated. The best equipment with which to turn your project team into real mountain climbers.

„I don’t know where I am going from here but I promise it won’t be boring.”

David Bowie

The North Star as a corporate compass

Trend-setting in many areas.

Corporate & Personal Branding

Employer Branding

Strategy development & implementation

Strategy communication

Culture development

Change Management

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People Empowerment

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Impactful Leadership

You need professional growth, but also human growth.

Our society is shaped by the idea that unyielding thinking and acting based on resistance leads to success and makes us strong and self-confident. However, Lao Tse knew that exactly those are the features and behaviour that can break us humans. To be soft, supple, and yielding like water but without diluting one's nature, shows great inner strength. 

We support leaders in developing qualities such as openness, modesty, and a spirit of adventure. To create a space in which every employee can contribute his or her own ideas, find meaning, and grow; because meaning drives us, fulfills us, and turns a project into an exciting voyage of discovery in which we make our own contribution.

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